Jungels Shorthorn Farm started in 1953 with the purchase of a registered Shorthorn heifer, from the famous Hammer Shorthorn Herd of Hannaford, ND.


By 1970, the herd grew to an exceptional base of 50 purebred females. In 1974, the EM DEE herd, including the farmstead and pasture land, was purchased from Melvin Dronen of Finley, ND. The DEE prefixed cattle all carry some influence back to the original EM DEE cows. Some of these females origins date back to 1929.


In 1999, Jungels decided to register all future cattle with the JSF (Jungels Shorthorn Farm), since it was at this time that Derek returned to the family operation and also in an effort to help expand our purebred cattle marketing efforts. At that time, the herd aggressively... Learn More





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